Break the Barriers


Break the Barriers is a free online mental health education and awareness program for high school students. As a part of the program, One Smile Effect clubs will be established, mental health modules (with several language options) will be distributed, and a peer support environment will be formed.  The process:

  • One Smile Effect ambassadors will form their clubs, which can have members both from their schools and communities.

  • After the clubs are formed, weekly Zoom meetings will be held.

  • At these meetings, club members will learn and discuss our mental health modules, do interactive activities, and talk about mental health. 


  •  To encourage those with mental health problems and to assure them help is available, and they should not shy away from seeking help.

  • To increase the mental health literacy of young people around the globe 

  • To better equip uprising mental health advocates to go into their communities and spread mental health advocacy

  • To foster a more inclusive community where people with mental health problems are accepted and helped accordingly, thereby eliminating stigmatization in communities where such issues are taboo.

  • To provide accessible and easy-to-use and understandable resources for youth worldwide to learn more about the importance of mental health. 

One Smile Effect Clubs 

A One Smile Effect club promotes mental health awareness and education in schools, creates a space for students to have a stigma-free place to discuss mental health, and provides free and accessible mental health resources to students. 

  • The goal is to empower students to educate one another and create a culture of peer support within their schools and communities. Once an OSE club has formed, the ambassador(s) can schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings to talk about mental health and wellness. From these discussions, the ambassadors can plan events and activities to engage the wider community. One Smile Effect will provide the clubs with all the necessary materials and resources required to launch and develop the group. This includes: 

    • One Smile Effect Club Guidebook with detailed program information and a range of discussion and activity ideas

    • Mental Health Modules

    • Ideas for community events and activities

    • Consistent communication and support to help your club throughout the school year

Mental Health Modules

We are distributing free mental health modules to schools and communities across the globe to increase mental health literacy among youth. As a part of this program, we have 10 mental health modules, all of which cover a wide range of topics about mental health, wellness, adolescence, self-awareness, and social awareness. We added several language options to make our modules available for young people who don't speak English.  

Important note: They are meant for educational purposes only and are not a guide to diagnosis or treatment. We encourage you to seek professional help if you are concerned with a mental health problem. 

It is best to learn these modules in a One Smile Effect club, but we made them available on our website for those who don't have a club in their communities. 


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