Awareness and Education 

Our awareness and education department implements a variety of projects that serve our mission.  This includes creating awareness and education resources, such as mental health guides, awareness videos, or posters. 



Our social media department's main goals are to increase One Smile Effect’s brand awareness and build a strong relationship with our audience across all platforms. Besides, managing our social media accounts, they also spotlight the work done by our other departments, connect with other organizations for collaborations, and create newsletters. 

Our design department creates our social media content, which is used to spread awareness on mental health and/or announce our upcoming projects, events, etc. While making a difference in the world, our design team has the chance to foster their imagination and amplify our voices through art.



The Translation department's goal is to bridge the language barriers and work to make One Smile Effect’s educational content and resources more accessible by translating them into multiple languages outside of English.

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