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Quaranteen Support (2020-Present) 

Quaranteen Support is an online support group on Discord. It creates a social togetherness and provides emotional support to teens from around the world who are struggling. Currently, we have 160 members from 11 countries. 

Break the Barriers (2020-2021) 

Break the Barriers is a virtual mental health education and awareness program led by Smiles, ambassadors of One Smile Effect. It includes One Smile Effect clubs, mental health modules, and community events. 

Give Some Insight: Mental Health (2020)

Give Some Insight: Mental Health is a live-stream series where mental health experts answer youth's questions. In August 2020, psychologist Gaye Capin from Turkey and therapist Rebecca Kimberly from England were our guest speakers, and more than 200 young people participated in our event. 

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