Mental Health Modules

 As a part of our Break the Barriers project, we created10 mental health modules, all of which cover a wide range of topics about mental health, wellness, adolescence, self-awareness, and social awareness. We added several language options to make our modules available for young people who don't speak English.  


It is best to learn these modules in a One Smile Effect club, but we made them available on our website for the general public to make these modules more accessible. 

Important note: They are meant for educational purposes only and are not a guide to diagnosis or treatment. We encourage you to seek professional help if you are concerned with a mental health problem. 

Module 1: Understanding Mental Health 

  • Some questions to ask yourself before going over module 1: 

    • What do you know about mental health? 

    • What are some factors that affect your mental health?

    • Why should mental health be prioritized?

    • How did COVID-19 affect your mental health? 

    • How do you ensure good mental health and wellbeing in your daily life?



Module 2: Self-Awareness 1 

  • Some questions to ask yourself before going over module 2: 

    • Can you define yourself in 3 words?

    • What are your values in life? 

    • What are you passionate about? 

    • Do you struggle with finding what you want to do in life? If so, how often?

    • What do you know about self-value? Is it important for you? 




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