Mental Health Modules

As a part of our Break the Barriers project, we created 10 mental health modules, all of which cover a wide range of topics about mental health, wellness, adolescence, self-awareness, and social awareness. We added several language options to make our modules available for those who do not know English.

These modules are solely meant for educational purposes and are not a guide to diagnosis or treatment. We encourage you to seek professional help if you are concerned with a mental health problem. Regardless, learning from our modules will be enriching. 



Module 1: Understanding Mental Health. Introduction to mental health, the importance of mental health, ways to ensure good mental health and wellbeing, and the effects of COVID-19 on youth mental health. ​

Questions to think about before going over the module: 

  • What do you know about mental health? 

  • Why should mental health be prioritized?

  • How did COVID-19 affect your mental health? 

  • How do you ensure good mental health and wellbeing in your daily life?