One Smile Effect

From One Smile, comes another smile!

There was a problem, and we decided to be the solution!

  • Even before COVID-19 pandemic, mental illness affected 20% of adolescents worldwide. 

  • Unfortunately, COVID-19 intensified these challenges and made them susceptible to poor mental health conditions:

    • 27% reported feelings of anxiety

    • 46%  reported having less motivation 

    • 40% feel pessimistic about the future 

    • 73% felt the need to ask for help, but 40% did not

  • What's worse is that many adolescents have lost contact with their support systems- friends, teachers, counselors, mental health facilities, and more. 

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What is our goal? 🎯

We aim to support youth wellbeing during COVID-19 by spreading one Smile at a time!

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Who are we? 🌍

We are a global team of GEN Z students, leaders, and changemakers with a shared passion for mental health advocacy. 

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What do we do? 💡

  • Create free and accessible mental health resources 🧠 

  • Develop education and awareness programs 📚

  • #Breakthebarriers and connect teens from all over the globe 🌏

  • Show the power of collaboration, diversity, and innovation 🤝

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